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Ugly People: The very best of



The first review on this page must start with ugly people, a german punk-rock band from the 80s that existed between 1985 and 1990. They were founded 1985 by Bodo Bickelmann (dr), Claus Kuhn (g, key, voc) and Jürgen Adolph (b, key, g). After one year Bickelmann left the group, so Kuhn and Adolph replaced him by a Roland TR 808, which had massive impacts on their musical style who changed from punkrock to synthpop. „The very best of“ shows an interesting compilation of all the styles and sounds they worked with.

Traveller (Kuhn)

Make a fool out of you (Kuhn)

This is love (Kuhn)

No Summer People (Kuhn/Bickelmann)

River in my soul (Kuhn)

How can you lose your way (Kuhn/Adolph)

It´s allright (Kuhn)

Living in the shadows (Kuhn/Adolph)

Looking out for love (Kuhn/Adolph)

Huskies in the snow (Kuhn)

Eyes full of pain (Kuhn/Adolph)

Pink coloured limousine (Kuhn/Adolph)

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